How to Solve Autel MaxiScope MP408 No Driver Problem

Some of you might have problem with your Autel MaxiScope MP408 4 Channel Automotive Oscilloscope basic kit, such as no driver?

Here, I will help you to solve no driver problem when you are ready to connect the device, Autel MaxiScope MP408.

You are installing device driver software.


But you are told that no driver files are required or have been loaded for this device, and also you cannot successfully install device driver software.



The indicator light of Autel MaxiScope MP408 is lighted.


So, what should you do with this symptom?

1. Please be sure that you have used the driver in the CD.

2.If you do not use the driver in the CD, read the user manual.And crop the screenshots to the technicians for help.



So what should you do if you have installed PC version software.


To find there is the driver on the menu of software installation. And crop the crop the screenshots of the purpose of software installation to the technician.