How to print the data for Autel Maxisys ms906 tablet scanner

The MaxiSys MS906 Diagnostic Platform allows you to print the information needed for your convenience. To realize the printing function, you need to install the printer driver program.

There are three steps to print data by MS906:

  1. Install the printer driver program
  2. Printing setting
  3. Print data on the computer



To install the printer driver program

1. Insert the CD into the CD-ROM of the computer and open the CD folder.

2. Double click on Autel Run.exe item.

3. Click the MaxiSys Printer icon in the MaxiSys PC Suite screen.

4. Select the installation language and the printer driver installation wizard will load momentarily.

5. Follow the wizard instructions on the screen and C lick Next to continue.

6. Click on Install and the printer driver program will be installed onto the computer.

7. Click on Finish to complete the whole installation procedure.

NOTE: The MaxiSys Printer runs automatically after the installation.


Printing Setting :This option allows you to print any data or information anywhere and anytime via Wi-Fi connection.

To setup the printer connection

1. Tap the Settings application on the MaxiSys Job Menu.

2. Tap the Printing Setting option on the left column.

3. Tap the Print via Network item to activate the printing function, which enables the device to send files to the printer through the PC via Wi-Fi connection.

4. Tap the Home button on the top left corner to return to the MaxiSys Job Menu. Or select another setting option for the system setup.


To perform printing through the computer

1. Install the printer driver to the computer.

2. Before printing, make sure the Display Tablet is connected to the computer network, either via WiFi or LAN. (see printing setting)

3. Run the MaxiSys Printer program on the computer to open up the printer interface.

4. Click Test Print to make sure the printer is working successfully.

5. Tap the Print button on the toolbar. A temporary file will be created and sent to the computer for printing.

6. The MaxiSys Printer will print the received document automatically when the Auto Print option is selected. If you need to print the document later, click Open PDF file and select the document, and double click the Print button on the MaxiSys Printer interface to start the printing.

NOTE: Make sure the computer installed with the Printing driver program is connected to a printer.