Reviews of Autel AutoLink AL619 Scan Tool

Autel AutoLink AL619 is a popular original scan tool and hot seller online. It can work on all OBD2 and CAN Vehicles after 1996.


Following are collected customers reviews on AutoLink AL619 for you.

1.I had to get USB/ micro card adapter to download updates form my older laptop. My problems with individual abs sensors weren’t able to be narrowed down to which one was acting up, on my Pontiac Torrent. To be fair though the AL 619 did tell me there was a problem with the ABS speed sensor when no ABS light was on, so when checking out a used car and doing a scan could reveal problems that the dealer may have cleared. If this tool is only used once for only that purpose it will pay for itself.

2.I have only used it once, but It did work as advertised on my 2004 Mercury Gran Marquis. I was able to determine that the cause of the “check engine” light on the car was a cylinder 7 misfire, and was able to reset the light.

3.Got it, updated online, and hooked it up. You’ll have to manually set the tiburon by going to Asia->Hyundai->Coupe(GK).

4.I highly recommend this tool. Cheaper price compare to another brand but it works and easily to use. I checked the airbag error , it showed me what wrong and location parts. After that, I erased the code and never coming back.

5.A family friend brought this and I ask him about it so I can write the review, he know all about cars and chose this because of the price and the quantity of the material is made of and also because it does exactly what it says

6.I haven’t figured out how to update the device yet, but it was able to tell me the SRS code my 2011 Kia Forte Koup SX was giving without one. Turns out a wire was stripped under the passenger seat. Saved me a trip to the mechanic and potentially a lot of money.