How to solve Autel MaxiDas DS708 “Language not authorized”Error ?

How to solve Autel MaxiDas DS708 “Language not authorized”Error ?

This is about AUTEL DS708 problem solutions, especailly for error message” The
language is not authorized” during tool update

Possible reasons for the error:

-Each DS708 only support one language,if you select a different language you will get message
as above

-if you cvhoose the same language but still get the message, you may get a fake English version
DS708.Some sellers tamper the language of cheap Chinese version DS708 to make it looks like English
version and sell to get big profit-Chinese verison is 200USD cheaper than the roginal one.
So the error” Language not authorized” appear when you upgrade the tool,and this problem can not be solved.

How to change language for Autel DS708:

You have to send the serial number and lauguage you want before the device shipped to you.

But if you want to change your language after you get the device, please send serial number
and language you want to customer service. They will help to deal with it

Lauguage Range: English,German, French, Spanish,Portuguese,Russian