New Arrival Autel MOT Pro EU908

The Autel MOT Pro EU908 offers a new level of capability for the professional user, at a price that other tools simply can’t match. Highly functional, the MOT Pro provides 50+ manufacturer coverage offering diagnostics on the most common modules such as OBD, Transmission, ABS, AirBag, Electronic Parking Brake, Oil Service Reset, some TPMS, some steering control sensors, climate, audio and others.


The MOT Pro EU908 works with manufacturers up to 2012 with our patented upgradable software. It supports multi-language, could read and clear codes in all available modules for all 1996+ domestic & import vehicles

Autel MOT Pro EU908 System Setup

The System Setup functions allow you to adjust default settings and view information about the scan tool.

1) Language: Selects the desired language.
2) Unit of Measure: Sets the unit of measure to English or Metric.
3) Beep Set: Turns on/off beep.
4) LCD Test: Checks if the LCD display is working properly.
5) Key Test: Checks if the keyboard is working properly.
6) About: Provides information of the scan tool.

Settings of the unit will remain until change to the existing settings is made.

To Enter The Setup Menu

From the Main Screen, use LEFT/RIGHT scroll button to select Setup, and press the OK button. Following the instructions to do adjustments and settings could make your diagnosis more conveniently and easily


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