How to provide power when you use the autel maxidiag elite md802?

Before using the scan tool, you must provide power to the scan tool.
There are two methods for providing power to the scan tool.
1.DC external power adapter.
2.Cable connection to vehicle.

During vehicle testing, power for the scan tool is usually provided through the vehicle cable connection. When the scan tool is not connected to a vehicle, the scan tool can be powered with an AC/DC external power adapter.

While the scan tool is powered via the vehicle Data Link Connector
(DLC), just follow the steps below to turn on the scan tool:
1)  Connect the Cable to scan tool.
2)  Find DLC on vehicle.

A plastic DLC cover may be found for some vehicles and you
need to remove it before plugging the OBD2 cable.

3)  Plug the cable to the vehicle’s DLC.
4)  Power up the scan tool , and wait for the Main Screen to