Autel MaxiDiag Elite MD802 FAQs Tech’s Collection

Q: Can MD802 read fault code for FAP?
A: No, it can’t.
Q: Which good tool to recommend that can read fault code for Vauxhall vivaro 19 dti 2004?
A: MD802.
Q: Which item can be used to read the MIL error and do the resetting for Toyota Avensis MKII year 2004 ?
A: MD802.
Q: Can MD802 full system work with Vw golf plus 2005, like read and reset airbag lights, disengage electronic handbrake ? How about vauxhall insignia 2016 ?
A: MD802 can do work with Vw golf plus 2005, but not newer model vauxhall insignia 2016.
Q: What is the difference between Autel MOT Pro EU908 and MD802 full system ?
A: MOT PRO cover all the functions of MD802 scanner, including

Oil light reset and interval mileage capability;
erase mil light, gather dtcs;
Erase air bag and abs lights.
Q: Can MD802 work with FORD TRANSIT CUSTOM 2014 ONWARDS ?
A: Yes, MD802 can do, and the more professional one you can choose MS906, MS908, or MS908P.
Q: Can MD703 4 systems be updated to MD802 full system?
A: Yes, it can do.

Q: MD802 4 systems had been updated to MD802 full system, but after insert the SD card, the device won’t start at all unless the SD card was removed from the device.

A: Please format the MD802 sd card to FAT32.
Q: Can MD802 work with Hours operation ? Rev ranges 1 and 2 ?
A: No, it can’t.
Q: Can MD802 work with both petrol vehicles and diesel vehicles ?
A: Yes, it can.
Q: Can MD802 full system support Renault, Peugeot, Citroen and Mercedes Benz models?
A: Yes, it can.
Q: Can MD802 work with 2013 Prius V Hybrid system ? Can it  turn off the Marseille warning light, Brake warning light ?
A: No, MD802 can’t do, but you can try MS908P Pro and MS908.
Q: Can MaxiDiag Elite MD802 work with Isuzu NNR 200 2010 via OBD?
A: No, it can’t .